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The unnoticed, lengthy state of the world is unfolding. Utopian, phantasmagorical reality exists in flat-out, vibrant and tense states; the forms are bizarre, the color is contrasted and impetuous. The depicted narrates the subconscious memories, a sense of a moment.

The texture formation obeys the composition, emphasizing its expression. The canvas's flatness is distorted by dense, layered modulations of color, concluded into elongated structures of brushstrokes, which branches off and merges again. Therefore the vibrating effect of the substance appears at different layers of space.

The changing nature of the present and its 'postmodern condition', the discoveries of the French fauves and expressionists such as Derain, Nolde, Matisse had a significant impact on his art. Maxim is an admirer of Russian artists Levitan and Kuindzhi.

Maxim Matsevich is a painter who born in Grodno, Belarus in 1990. The site presents paintings and graphics from artist’s collection, created in the past 10 years.

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